Ben Kram

Ben Kram has built many successful businesses, in several states including a professional property management company eight years running. In his spare time, he collects vintage cars. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Ben and his fiancée, Geri, recently welcomed a baby son, Oliver.

Ramir Magbanua

In addition to B&R Investment Strategies, Ramir is a veteran of twelve years as a Federal contractor, providing management consulting to government agencies, including the State Department, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and NASA. Born and raised in Fort Washington, Maryland, he enjoys weightlifting, snowboarding, and riding his Harley- Davidson. Ramir and his wife, Charleene, have three sons, the oldest of whom is currently in Navy basic training.

Philip Yang

A graduate of University of Pennsylvania, Philip spent two years as a trader for a global equities fund in Philadelphia followed by eight years as a trader, then Chief Operating Officer for a global macro fund in New York. He had been trading energy futures for his own account for ten years prior to joining B&R. Also from Fort Washington, Maryland, Philip enjoys wine tasting, cooking, documentaries and playing all varieties of sports.

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